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Does anyone know of a four-part harmonisation (chorale setting) of this tune (no. 1 in the list) by Bach?

I need to find a four-part chorale setting of the above hymn tune by Bach, or at least confirm that one doesn't exist. The problem is that the text to this hymn is "In dich hab' ich gehoffet, Herr", but searching all of Bach's cantata texts reveals that whenever he set that text, he used a different tune. I need a setting of the tune, not the text, but don't know which other German texts were used with this tune, so I can't search for them.

Can anybody help?
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Best answer: Asked a musicologist friend, who says "The '389 choral melodies' book does not have that tune with those words. Nor does any setting in that book use that tune. It is a fairly comprehensive book but i am not certain if it includes absolutely EVERY setting. However, my very brief research says: it does not exist."
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It is the tune he used in the Orgelb├╝chlein (BWV 640) though.
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Found this in C. S. Terry's Bach's Chorales:
Bach's tune, a pre-Reformation Easter melody, occurs in a fifteenth century Ms. now in the Royal Library, Berlin, set to the hymn "Christ ist erstanden" or "Christus ist erstanden."
Couldn't find it on a cursory search of "Christ ist erstanden" settings, but it's something else to go on...
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