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What cover should I buy for my Kindle Fire?

Looking for a cover for my new Kindle Fire. There seem to be two types, sleeves and the wrap-around units that also double as stands. I think I'd prefer the latter since my daughter likes to watch movies on the unit, but I want it to be steady and also serve as a protective case for transport and some reviews of those units leave me wary. Hive mind owners, what case/s are the best? I'd prefer to buy from Amazon since I have birthday money to spend there, and am not interested in anything with leather.

Guide me oh wise ones.
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Be aware most of the 'leather' cases in the $20-30 range are probably not real leather - "PU leather", "polyurethane leather", or "leather-like" abound, and even some that say 'leather' are really not the hide of anything except the mythical Nauga...
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Best answer: I too have the microshell case - Which works well enough. The one downside is that the velvety interior of the cover is exposed when you fold it back or use it as a stand, so you have to be careful not to put it anywhere too messy or it will pick stuff up.
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Response by poster: That's the case I was considering. Thanks for the feedback.
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Best answer: I don't have specific cover recommendations, but if you'll be carrying it around in a bookbag or briefcase with a bunch of other stuff, I would suggest you get a cover that zips closed all the way around. I admit the book-like covers do tend to look better, but the zips-closed covers keep out dust as well as anything like pens or keys that might try to poke in there. Get a good-quality case: it may cost more, but considering how much your Kindle + books cost, it's worth protecting the thing.

(My Kindle 3 aka Next Generation is in an M-Edge cover, which has a nicely padded interior and is stiff enough to provide extra protection to the screen, as well as that zipper to keep out dust and dirt and pointy stuff.)
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