Help me build up a Louis Wain art collection.
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Help me build up a Louis Wain art collection.

Late last year I was browsing the Chapters Indigo website and on one of their holiday recommendations lists I came across the newly-published Louis Wain art book Louis Wain's Cats by Chris Beetles. I liked the book's description and performed a Google Image Search for the name "Louis Wain" and was impressed with Wain's art, so I immediately purchased the book.

I'm now obsessed with Louis Wain's art.

I've since received Louis Wain's Cats; I was very impressed with it. While I was very impressed with it, I'd still like to have more of Wain's art -- either high-res digital images or images in (physical) book form -- to add to my collection.

So what are some essential, comprehensive Louis Wain art books that I should add to my collection? Also, is there anywhere online where one can find high-res images of Louis Wain's art? I've come across many brilliant (low-res) artworks of his on Google Image Search that aren't contained in Louis Wain's Cats that I'd love to have either high-res digital copies of, or physical copies of.

If you think you can help me, either leave a comment or MeFi Mail me. Thanks.
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Have you looked on eBay (for example)? Books other than Beetles's seem to be OOP and very expensive but there are quite a lot of mounted pages and assorted bric-a-brac there.
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The book on Wain that I'd most recommend is "Louis Wain: The Man who Drew Cats" by Rodney Dale. Unfortunately, I think it's out of print now, but it's a biography of Wain that includes plenty of artwork, including some pieces I've never seen online, and some interesting analysis of his work. Only just heard of the Beetles book through this question (and will now be looking into picking it up), so I don't know if it already reproduces all the art in the Dale book, but the biographical part is quite fascinating (and tragic) in its own right...

(And yes, I know, this is probably one of the most eponysterical AskMe answers ever.)
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Since you say images in physical form are of interest too, did you see this link to posters of his art? (It was linked from your amazon link, but maybe you had that ad blocked.)
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