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What should we do in Baltimore?

We will be in Baltimore for the day this Saturday, July 2. We're already planning to have crabs (mmm, crabs) at Obrycki's, but what else should we be sure not to miss? I've looked at the the city's website but the calendar of events seems to end on June 30, and I'm looking for something a little cooler than a "fishing rodeo". We'll have a car.
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The American Museum of Visionary Art, on the inner harbor. It's an amazing experience. And there's a great cafe on the top floor - relatively cheap, too. Seriously, don't miss it.
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Second the AMVA. Check out Poe's and John Wilkes Booth's graves. Take a water taxi across the inner harbor. The National Aquarium's pretty damn neat, if that's yr thing.
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Third on the AMVA.
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If you're a baseball fan, Oriole Park at Camden Yards is a great place to take in a game, and this is coming from a Fenway Park regular.
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When you take that water taxi, you can get off at Fells Point and walk around and look at junk shops and hipster thrift stores and get some ice cream. There's also the American Dime Museum 20-some blocks north of the Harbor. And as a heads up, the American Visionary Art Museum is near the water, but I would call it Federal Hill, not the Inner Harbor. Also, to me the cafe (Joy America) isn't "relatively cheap," but they do have the best guacamole in the city. The National Aquarium is $17 a ticket.

My favorite spot in the city is Mount Vernon Place, essentially a group of parks. It's kind of European looking. You can climb the Washington Monument and sit on a bench and take pictures. The Walters Art Museum is right near there

Historic Dickeyville is like a little New England town in Baltimore City, and they're big on July Fourth. There should be something going on there on the 2nd.
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Oops, I did all my links wrong, sorry:
American Dime museum
Mount Vernon Place
Walters Art Museum
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We did the Duck thing. It's a tour in an amphibious vehicle that drives around significant sites (with great commentary) and then drives into the harbour for a cruise. You get these duck callers to hang around your neck and quack at appropriate moments. I was my usual cynical self at the start, but had a blast and got a lot of history out of the tour. People on the street know the tour well and wave (and dance!) as you go by - great if you have kids.

Go sit on Federal Hill and watch the traffic on the water.

Have lunch and a beer at the Capitol City Brewing Company.

Take a ghost tour!

See what the local paper recommends.
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My favorite place to eat lunch is Liquid Earth, on Aliceanna. It's walking distance from the AVAM and Fells Point -- absolutely fantastic vegetarian sandwiches and punk rock staff.
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(It is AVAM, by the way, not AMVA, if you're having any trouble scouting it out online.)
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Poe's grave and the Full Moon Saloon, one of the coolest dives I've ever been to. Also, if you are a Homicide fan, there are tours but just walking around Fell's Point is terrific fun.
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Get some crabs, they should not be missed. Maryland is known for them, and this is the season for them. I am jealous!
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In Fell's Point, go to Bertha's to eat mussels and have some nice hand-pulled local brewed beer, which I think comes from the Wharf Rat a few blocks away -- also worth visiting.
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No visit to Balmer is complete without a stop at Angelo's, The Home of the Big Slice, or to the Kibbitz Room at Atman's Kosher Deli!
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Have authentic Italian at Sabatino's, in Little Italy, and then have the best danged hamburger ever at Kooper's in Fell's Point. (They have the local brew on tap, too!)
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Go to D.C.. It's like 45 minutes away.
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The Book Thing offers free used books, as many as you can carry. They just moved to a new, larger location.
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1) Get a copy of Tom Waits' "Way Down in the Hole" (a cover will do)
2) Find a cabbie who's willing to tour through the crappier parts of town.
3) Recreate the opening scenes of "The Wire"
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Seconding Camden Yards (and also check out the Babe Ruth museum on Emory and Dover) if you are into baseball. Even if you are not, the ball park is awesome. And the O's are playing Cleveland on Saturday evening, should be a good game.

Wander down Charles St. We got married in the Walter's Art Museum, it's a great museum. A few blocks north of the monument is Brewer's Art, a great restaurant and bar (the bar is in the basement, brewing Belgian style beers, and they are really good, but strong).

If you like diners, check out Paper Moon on 29th St, by the Hopkins undergrad campus. It's full of toys and crazy stuff, and the food is good. A more divey kind of diner is the sip and bite on Aliceanna and Boston St. I used to eat there every weekend when I lived in Baltimore. The food is fantastic.
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No kidding, robocop... While I'm not sure it's a good idea to tour the hood (so to speak), the urban decay in Baltimore is pretty spectacular.
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I must again recommend the American Visionary Art Museum, and, a little further down Key Highway, the Museum of Industry. Finish off with mojitos and calimari at Little Havana (not authentic bal'm'r, but very tasty). Also, visit the Hamden neighborhood to realize that John Waters is not making it up. While there, you can grab brunch at the Golden West Cafe (yum!).

Whatever you do, have fun!
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Ditto on most of the suggestions here, but I take umbrage at the Baltimore Sun being referred to as "the local paper." The Sun hasn't been local for years. Here's Baltimore's real local paper, and their online event calendar is second to none.
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Don't go to the Golden West if you're hungry. The service is slooooooow, even when it's not that crowded. Apparently hipsters don't make the best waitstaff. The food is good, but the service sucks. Holy Frijoles, across the street, is a better bet if you want decent service.

Also check out Dionysus on Charles and Preston. Great bar downstairs, great food upstairs.
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The aquarium is amazing. Worth several hours of touring.
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Two words: steamed crabs.
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The Ghost Tour is pretty fun. It's also a pretty nice tour of Fell's Point is general. One thing though. Unless they've changed it you don't actually get to go in any of the allegedly haunted locations.

Ok, wait, now that I examine obiwanwasabi's link I see that I went on a different ghost tour.
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The food at Holy Frijoles is horrid. Drinks are great, though. If you want good food in Hampden, I like Hon Cafe. And it's as 'authentic Bawlmer' as you can get.

Steamed crabs are a good choice, but lately I've been hearing that LP Steamers has the best ones this year.

The Visionary Museum is very cool as is the Museum of Industry just down the street. If you have kids, I've always enjoyed the Science Center and the Aquarium, although both are a bit pricey.

If you're a music geek, there's a CD store in Fell's Point called Soundsource (I thnk. I'm suddenly blanking on this.) that's pretty good...not as good as a lot in NYC, but definitely the best in Baltimore.

Have fun and be sure to have a Natty Boh before you leave!
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The cd store is called Soundgarden. It's on Thames St.

Oh and the Natty Boh -- I drink it all the time, but it seriously tastes like water.
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...I never said the Natty Boh was good. Just that it was local. For a better local brew, check out the Thirsty Dog in Federal Hill. Mmmm, blueberry beer.
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Natty Boh hasn't been brewed in Baltimore since 1996. Thirsty Dog's beer is brewed by Old Dominion (it says so on their menu), which is not to say their beer and pizza aren't excellent. And the crabs you eat in Baltimore may very well not be from Maryland. The Sun, however, is still printed in the city (right by the Wal-Mart), with its main newsroom in Mount Vernon. I've largely found Little Italy mediocre, but Vespa in Federal Hill is great. And I disagree that Holy Frijoles' food is "horrid." It's less greasy than your typical Mexican food, though.
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