Is my iPad 2 up to the job?
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Is my ipad2 up to the job? I have to give the same hour-long presentation in three separate sessions in one day. I am planning to use Keynote on my ipad2 attached to a projector but I'm worried about battery life on the iPad. Does anybody have experience using their iPad in this way? I will of course, turn off every battery draining thing I can find. I could also switch to my iPhone 4S if I had to, I guess. Will I be okay for three presentations?
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3 one-hour presentations? The battery life on the iPad 2 is exceptional. Apple's specs page says "Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music". I think you'll be fine.

Is there anywhere you can plug in with your USB charger, to ease your worries?
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If everything you need is on the pad, switch it to Airplane Mode. My understanding is that it stops the pad from looking for connectivity, which is something of a power drain. I was able to watch movies on a 12-hour flight with no problems.
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Recently I was watching a lot of video on my iPad 2. Two hours a day for about a week. It was still at about 60% charge at the end of that.

You'll have no problem at all.
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Why not simply bring the charger? Will you give the presentation in a room without power?
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If there is a lead to the projector there has to be a socket for the adaptor. Bring it along for safety.
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Driving an external display is not a significant power drain. I routinely run slides off mine for hour long meetings and it has no apparent effect on battery life.
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Thanks Lame_username. FYI to those of you suggesting I just plug it in, the external display uses the same port as the power plug, at least for the AVG adapter, so that's not possible. Mainly I needed to know how much of a drain the external display would be.
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You can always charge between sessions. I've done that at conventions/conferences before. It shouldn't be too hard to ind a seat along a wall near a charger.
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If you're in a dark room (as I'd expect you'd be giving presentations), just open the device settings to turn the screen brightness all the way down.

The display puts out enough light in a dark room that you'll be able to see and use the iPad just fine, and the battery will last even longer between charges than the listed 10 hours.
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With full charge, screen dimmed, wifi/cell radios turned off, you should have no problem. Even with the radios on you should be fine if you charge overnight ahead of time.
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You'll be fine.
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Agreed, you will be fine and yeah I'd turn off the wifi and anything that does push notifications. I use my iPad for this sort of thing, but I often just use it with the Remote app [i.e. it's connected via bluetooth to a laptop that is connected to the projector, I can walk around with the iPad]. If you could do something like this, you could also plug it in, just as an emergency backup.
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