Finnish abbreviations
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Do you speak Finnish? Can you understand these abbreviations?

I am looking for help translating the following input from a database. The context is a horse's colour (possibly bay, black, gray, etc.) and its markings (possibly star, socks, etc.)

trn, pku o. sierain oej vko otj sk

I think the 'trn' may stand for 'tummanruunikko' (dark bay) and 'sk' for 'sukka' (socks)? 'Sierain' is nostril? I would love to know the rest!
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Best answer: I got:

pku = pilkku = dot/spot (specifically on or near the nostrils)
o. = oikea = right, so pku o. sierain means spot right nostril
oej = oikea etujalka = right front leg
vku = valkokavio = white hoof
otj = oikea takajalka = right back leg

from this website: Hevosen varit.

The rest you've figured out yourself.
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I can confirm the findings. Sounds correct.

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Response by poster: Amazing. Thank you so much!
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