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I'm looking for a content management system and community backend that's similar to but better than Scoop.

I've tried a number of CMS and community systems (currently using Drupal), but I'm not 100% satisfied with any of them. I love Scoop's method of community moderation of posts and its "recommended list." I do not like its reliance on a dedicated server and its incompatibility with blogapi, etc.

So, I'm looking for a CMS that has a similar method for content promotion to Scoop (user moderation with admins able to promote content to the front page) but with more modern compliance with publishing APIs.

Oh, free would be nice. PHP or perl; no JSP.
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You mention using Drupal. Have you already eliminated it as one of your candidates for this? It does have moderation and blogapi plugins, and of course it's free/PHP.
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