Educational training--web marketing examples?
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What are some successful, small organizations (with websites) that offer training to colleges and school districts in the U.S.? Looking for marketing inspiration, nothing specific subject-wise.

I have a client who would like to see what other training/consulting firms are doing for marketing in that space. Via websites, Facebook, whatever. Can be for-profit or nonprofit. If they sell supplemental products to go along with the training too, bonus.

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Teachers generally must be accredited by U.S. colleges and universities to keep up with their standing. I'm not sure what sort of training a "college" or a "school district" would go for, from an outside firm. Budgets are tight and scrutinized carefully by the administration and board members.

Training in finance? Computers? Curriculum? Your question is too broad.

Source: My Dad, who serve as a school teacher and administrator for 40+ years.

I personally have seen some local companies who help parents with getting their kids into college, so that may be one market. But with govt budgets so tight, I would question your client's business plan.
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Response by poster: Subjects would include things like diversity training, emergency preparedness, facilitation for planning processes, things like that. It's all very valuable to schools that are held accountable for preventing disasters at different levels, passing certification, etc.
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