Where's a good Sunday roast in London?
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Where in London can I get a good Sunday Roast?

I'm in London for the next three or so weeks (near Regent's Park) and I want to know where I can find a quality Sunday roast. I lived in Brighton for about a year not so long ago and have very fond memories of going out every Sunday afternoon to The Eagle or a host of other pubs and just kicking back to read the Sunday papers... I'd like to repeat the experience and fill my stomach.

- Zones 1 or 2 on the Underground, veg. option not required.

Thanks in advance!
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It's Zone 1/2 and not that close to the underground, but this is well worth the trip.

The Northgate - corner of Northchurch Road / Southgate Road, Islington N1. Could probably get a cab from Angel for a few quid. Superb pub, stellar food.
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I've had some fine food at The Mitre, a lovely, relaxing little boozer in Lancaster Gate (near Paddington, not too far from Regent's Park), and further south, the always charming Maggie Jones's in High Street Ken. But I'm not really a West London boy, so don't have many other suggestions...
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