Automatically adding Amazon affiliate codes
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Is there a straightforward way to transform Amazon links to add an affiliate code?

I understand that Metafilter rewrites Amazon links to add Matt's affiliate codes, and I'd like to do the same for a site I run. Is there a straightforward way of doing it? It would be good to accept and identify any of Amazon's multiple formats.

I can either do this server-side with java, or in the page with javascript.

(Bonus for catching and stripping out existing affiliate IDs).
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PHP/JS (for PHP->Java inspiration)
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Find the ASIN in the URL, grab that, and rebuild the link from scratch.
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This question I asked a couple of years ago should help. On the odd chance that you're using Wordpress, the very last comment is a link to a plugin that does it automatically.
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Oddly, I just did this last week for Mefightclub. I created an extension in PHP to the forum software I'm using, with a regex I found somewhere to break up the URL on display then tack on the affiliate ID. The URL is stored unaltered in the db, just rewritten at display time, in case I ever need to change affiliate codes or something.
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