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So I'm looking for a certain kind of tie.

Kind of like this. In other words, I would kind of like to have a skinny black tie, in order to look more like a NASA engineer (in Houston, in 1965). Can anyone recommend a good online vendor for such a tie? Or a catalog I could easily subscribe to? The timing isn't urgent--I've got about a month, so "a few weeks for delivery" is just peachy.

Also, I've perused the clothing threads on AskMefi, and I can't find a satisfactory answer to the tangent-question: do brown wingtips go with black or charcoal pants? What if the shoes were not exactly plain brown, but with a good deal of red, or purple (more like this burgundy)?

Thanks in advance.
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I find my skinny ties in charity shops, thrift stores and vintage clothing outfitters. Do a Google search for vintage menswear... you might also like to try eBay.
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Maybe something on the bottom of this page?
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Re: part 2, Cordovan shoes go with navy and other blue trousers, as well as gray, khaki and some browns, but not black. That's what I was told (in addition to "match your shoes and belt," something I have not really put much effort into).
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