Standing-height TV tray?
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We have a computer hooked up to our TV and I would love to have something like a TV tray, but taller, so I could stand up behind it with the wireless mouse and keyboard and compute for short periods of time and then put it away. Know of any tallish tv trays or folding tall card tables or even something on wheels that would allow me to do something like this? Ikea is unfortunately not really an option, and I'm looking for something pretty cheap.
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How about a foldaway table mounted to the wall? These are pretty common, and you could probably find one cheaper than the one in the link--it was just a good illustration. We have one (from IKEA).
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Best answer: I've done something like this with my ironing board. So if you already have one it may be worth a try. It's bigger than you need, but that may be ok since it's also an ironing board!
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Best answer: Bar table.
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You might look for a rolling beauty salon tray--they are pretty sturdy adjust to standing height. Prices on those online seem to go from $40 to $100 US, but if you have a salon supply place nearby they might have them for less.
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Response by poster: Ah, thank you! Ironing board or bar table are good ideas. Don't really want a wall thing because there's not a good place for it.
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Would a music stand work?
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I have a laptop stand where the height is totally adjustable to standing height. I think I bought it at Staples, but it's a pretty standard feature of most laptop stands. That search was laptop stands height adjustable.
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