Help me repair a cwk file!
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Help me repair a cwk file! It's a database that we edit using Appleworks 6. When we try to open it we get an I/O error. It's got loads of very important info in it! Help!
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I think StarOffice supports .cwk files. Copy the file and try and open with that. Maybe LibreOffice supports it now too.

(First check the size of the .cwk file looks sensible and compare the size to your backups)
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Thanks for the response! Sadly, it doesn't look like you can get StarOffice in the Google Pack anymore. I'd rather not spend £70 on software if I'm not certain of it working...
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An I/O Error may mean an error on the disk itself, have you tried copying the file to another drive? It's probably not a problem with Appleworks itself, if you've used it previously without issue...
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I've copied it to an external disk and I still get the error.

I've checked the file size and that's correct.

Opening other files with Appleworks works correctly.
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Can you download a demo of Office or iWork and try to open your file with those apps?
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I assume you've followed the suggestions from Apple. Good luck.
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You might also try to track down a copy of DataViz MacLink Plus. They don't make it any longer, but you might be able to find an old copy online.
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I've just tried to insert it into a new document, blob, and no luck.
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It looks like you are going to be out of luck cantdosleepy. There's no support anywhere for opening these files that I could find: a few attempts at the text format dotted around here and there, but none whatsoever for the database.

Do have access to a Mac with a copy of iWork? That might open it, but if it is really corrupt you're going to be stuck.

If the data you need is text based, you might be able to get it out of the file by opening the file in a proper text editor and searching for text fragments, but that won't help you fix the file. Unless you've got backups then you're going to have to reconstruct the data by hand from the corrupt file & any other sources you have.
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Old information but potentially useful: AppleWorks Document Recovery

The article above mentions programs that may be able to open a cwk file. I'd try opening it on another machine running Appleworks, opening with open office, emailing it to someone with MS Office, trying to open with google docs...
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I have MacLink Plus installed. I could try converting it to something else. I also have AppleWorks installed, so if it were successful maybe I could convert it back. MeMail me if you are interested.
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