How to roll back IE by X to just IE
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In setting up access to my cable internet the cable company's set-up CD installed Internet Explorer by "so-and-so." I hate this. I know (assume, I guess) it was created with Microsoft's Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK). I also know you can't really uninstall IE, but is it possible to uninstall these IEAK customizations? A free "IE-cleaner" download or step by step clean-up instructions would be great!
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For the love of God, man; do you love exploits, spyware, malware, crapware, pop-ups, pop-unders, and ads? Run Firefox.
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Oh I do run Firefox. But for the occasional site that 'needs' IE I want it nice and clean.
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My DSL install cd gave me the option of installing their version of a browser or not. Before you go through the effort of fixing this, re-run the install cd and see if that option exist for you.

First, BACK UP YOUR BOOK MARKS. I didn't loose mine but I make no guarantees that you won't.

To get a normal IE back get your OS/recovery disk (you might not even need it to do this) and go to the control panel, add remove programs, add remove windows components. If you see the browser you don't want as an option, uncheck it. If you don't, uncheck IE and click next. When this is done go back in and check IE, then click next.

This should give you back the normal IE.

No, I use Mozilla.
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SpyBot also offers a fix to change the "Internet Explorer by X" line.

Way back in the dark ages, Comcast did the same thing to me when they bought out ATT Broadband. I naively thought the fix would save me time over changing the pop3 mail settings and instead got stuck with that and a bunch of spyware.
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If this were me, I'd search the registry for the string which shows up in your IE title bar "provided by Such-and-Such" and simply edit it. Beware messing in the registry is dangerous.
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