How is Recorded Delivery handled in New York?
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What happens to a letter sent via Royal Mail's Recorded Delivery to the U.S.?

I got some important mail to my old address in England which I've had a friend forward to my new address in New York. They took the liberty of sending it via Recorded Delivery since it was important, but I can't find any information on how it will be delivered. I'm sure the Royal Mail won't be sending a guy to New York to get my signature, so what will happen? Who will deliver it? Will they come to my door expecting a signature? They quoted my friend 3-5 days for delivery and today is the 5th business day since and it isn't here yet, so I'm starting to get slightly concerned.
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Check the tracking number on the Royal Mail website. If there isn't a tracking number then it went by regular (untracked) Airmail, in which case 5 days is pretty normal, and 2 weeks is not unheard of.

If you have a a tracking number then check the receipt: does it say "Recorded Delivery" or "Airsure"? The post office should not (and in fact cannot) accept international Recorded Delivery, because the first thing they do is make a note of the destination UK postcode. "Airsure" is the international equivalent of Recorded Delivery. Paying the extra fee for Airsure buys you expedited international delivery, tracking and a signature on delivery. If it did go Airsure then 5 days is indeed toward the upper end of how long it should take.
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It's worth bearing in mind that the definition of 'business days' gets ever so slightly kerfutzed over the Christmas/New Year period. That is to say, if I posted a letter first class within the last week or so within the UK, I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if it took the best part of a week to turn up. If it were me, I wouldn't start to get seriously concerned unless it hasn't arrived by the coming Monday/Tuesday, but whether that's rational or not probably depends on which of the two posting methods aforementioned by caek was used.
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