Backup android phone without using the screen
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Can I do a full backup of my Samsung Vibrant without being able to see the screen?

Phone was dropped, hit the corner and broke the screen. It's rooted and I can kinda see it's operating just fine but I can't see a thing. Is there anyway I can get a full backup of it via USB?
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Three ideas:

1. Boot into the recovery console and activate usb mass storage. Connect to a PC and copy files from phone.

2. Connect to a PC without the recovery console.

3. Install a "stolen phone" app using that will do the backup for you.
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You could try this tool and see if you can run a nandroid backup, assuming you're on CWM/R. Obviously it may be different for a different recovery tool if that's what you use.
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That looked really promising zombieflanders but I can't get it to connect - not sure if I have adb debugging enabled.
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Not sure what you mean here, as I'm under the impression that adb is entirely dependent on the computer and not the phone. Are you on a Mac, or do you not have up-to-date drivers for the phone or android packages?
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Sorry I meant USB debugging - thought that was needed for asb to work.

I think my real issue is that when I plug the USB cable in the phone will show three options - Mass Storage, Kies and something else. I'm unable to select USB so I'm unable to connect to it.
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Is there USB debug option in the phone's settings? In any event, you may want to bring this question to the smart folks over at XDA-Developers, either in the thread I linked to or in their Vibrant-specific forums.
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I'm not familiar with your phone in particular, but there should be a key combination when you turn it on that allows you to boot into bootloader, which will, I believe, automatically put it into USB connection mode.
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@nosila - interesting I'll try and figure it out.
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You can go to the Android Market on the computer and push install this app to your phone? I hope it works. Good luck!
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