Where do I find a great play in Boston?
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I want to get my sister tickets to an small theater production in Boston. Where are the plays/acts that really say something?

My sister tends to watch and read material trending toward mainstream entertainment but lives, discusses and seemingly yearns for more substantive art. Can you all help me find such things in Boston?
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Speakeasy Stage does Boston premieres of new plays and musicals (often shortly after they premiered in New York). Everything I've seen there has been excellent.
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If you're looking for a specific production and aren't tied directly to Boston, Waltham's Hovey Players are staging Closer during the month of January.

It's community theater, but their work is excellent, and I've worked with the entire cast before, who are all exceptional actors.
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The Lyric Stage Company, American Repertory Theater, and New Repertory Theater are good places to look.
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I'm friends with basically everyone involved in the production but nonetheless 3 Pianos currently at American Repertory Theater is fantastic. It closes Sunday.
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I got a subscription to Actors Shakespeare Project via LivingSocial. I've seen two of the four so far, and they have been excellent.
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Company One are good people, and they do all kinds of interesting and thought-provoking works. I've seen some interesting shows by other small companies at the BCA, including Imaginary Beasts and Whistler in the Dark. As mentioned above, ASP and the Lyric are great; the Huntington will have mindblowing sets even if the show is mediocre (usually only one per season).

Boston Theater Scene and BosTix are good sources for tickets and schedules.
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