Looking for a book to educate me on wine.
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I'd like to find a good book or books to teach me about wine that I can use in conjunction with tasting to learn more about which wines I like and which ones I don't.

Recently, I've been drinking more wine (I've always been a beer person) and I'd like to expand my knowledge of wine more. My fiancee and I thought about taking a tasting class but then realized that for the same price we could just buy a lot of wine and taste it ourselves. However, I'd like some guidance about different wine regions, grapes, fermentation, etc., so I'd like to find a book to go along with the tasting. I've found the beer style guides and books very helpful in knowing what to expect from a particular style of beer and I'd like to get some similar reference points for wine.
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I'm pretty sure that I found this book via another ask, but Great Wine Made Simple really helped us. It's a great taste-along-guide, and it offers selections at multiple price points. My husband and I have had great fun inviting couples over for the tastings; everyone is always amazed at how much we learn!
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I've worked in and around the wine business my whole career and one of the books I've always thought was approachable, thoughtful and well-written was Kevin Zraly's "Windows on the World" Wine Course book... I also like to think of it as a wonderful homage to NYC, the twin towers and how, in my small opinion, the world needs to embrace wine as an opportunity to better understand connections and culture.
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I was going to suggest the same book Kronur mentioned. I haven't read it, but a friend of mine gave it a very enthusiastic review, and she seemed to have learned a lot from it. I've been meaning to look at it sometime myself.
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There is a lot of information to be had online: Robert Parker, Clive Coates and Kermit Lynch offer some.
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I've had good success with an annual called The Wine Trials. (The 2012 edition is due out the end of April.) It scores under-$15 bottles with blind taste tests. I've found the reviews in the series to be spot-on and very informative.
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Seconding Great Wines Made Simple. I was part of a wine club of sorts for a year where we used this book as a primary reference. Also, we used The Wine Club, which was also a down-to-earth resource that included food recommendations that would pair well with the wine.
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Oldman's Guide to Outsmarting Wine is another great and non-intimidating place to start.
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I have a brand-spanking-new copy of this, A Good Nose & Great Legs by Robert Geddes, which was given to me by a local winemaker late last year. I would be pleased to send it to you if you mefi-mail me your address.
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When I was first entering the wine trade, I found Red and White: Wine Made Simple by Australian wine writer Max Allen really informative and approachable.
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Seconding Great Wine Made Simple. The taste-alongs were particularly helpful for us.
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I have recommended Great Wine Made Simple here before, and I will again.
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