identify this boot? advice on online boot shopping?
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For six years I've worn a particular kind of black boot which has, understandably, succumbed to the ravages of time. It's kind of like a military boot and kind of like a workboot as this crappy cellphone photo demonstrates. My sister bought the original pair for me in Portland and doesn't remember any of the details: store name, brand name, and so forth. My guess is a place like GI Joe's. Any idea what this style of boot is called? And does anyone have a preferred online shopping outlet for kind of standard-issue apparel?
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Best outlets for this kind of stuff- and . Sportsmans Guide has a category search- check this...
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We call them hiking boots.
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Aren't there any tags or labels inside the boot that could give us a hint? Usually there's one on the tounge.
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Portland is the location of the only Danner outlet (Outstanding boots but expensive).

The picture you have looks like a pair of Rocky boots. Unfortunately it has been years since I bought a pair and can not reccomend an online retailer.
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If you're buying army boots, you might as well buy a Wellco boot. They're the real deal (they made the desert storm boot, and maybe also the new Iraq boots), good-looking, and very reasonably priced.
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Hey, how about some Georgia Boot information ?
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Oakley tactical boot and 5.11 Tactical Footwear are both excellent tactical boots.
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US Calvary sells boots that look like that.
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That looks remarkably like the hiking boots I got from Vegetarian Shoes.

However, those particular boots did not last anywhere near six years for me.
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Pretty damn good suggestions all around. From the links above I'm seeing a lot of boots similar to mine, and also getting some other ideas. Thanks guys.

Aren't there any tags or labels inside the boot that could give us a hint? Usually there's one on the tounge.

There was a brand name at some point the heel but it wore off in the first two years.
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They look like the boots I've seen in stores that cater to police and EMT types, or a uniform supply store or army-navy surplus. Maybe your town has one--ask a cop!
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I'll second tumble's recommendation on the Oakley Tactical Boot. I have a pair and they are far and away the best pair of boots I have ever owned. And, best of all, no break in time: comfortable from day one...
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Hi-Tec boot? Looks a lot like what a bunch of us subversive enlisted folks tried to sneak in as proper military boots back in the day when they first came out. This particular brand was once found in every military surplus store in the early 90's—not so sure about that now. Anyway, the linked model lacks the padded ankle collar but others do not. See also:
ankle collar, but not leather (suede perhaps?) and what we snuck through as combat boots
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Like fezboy! my first thoughts were of Hi-Tec...but it should have a label on the tongue saying so (unless it's come off after all these years).

They LOOK like Hi-Tecs. Hi-Tec Magnums, if IIRC...some type of Jungle variation.

And Fezboy!, us subversive commissioned folks could sneak wearing some Hi-Tecs usually, as long as we were out in the field.
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Damn you, taumeson! We would see you commissioned folks (well, one of our 2Ls at any rate) wearing these, shake our fists at the inequities of the military system, and follow that with some high volume, off-color Monty Python "being repressed"-type rhetoric. This, of course, tended to result in "remedial training" in the arts of protocol. Our track was generally one of the more riotous and contentious ones in the unit but we could all do hella push-ups.
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