What monitor arms can hold a 27" iMac and 24" Apple LED Display?
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What monitor arms can hold a 27" iMac and 24" Apple LED Display?

I need a dual monitor arm that can hold a 27" iMac and a 24" Apple LCD screen. It can attach to wall, but a desk mount is preferable if possible.
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Weight becomes more important than size in this range. I wanted to desk mount my dual 25" LCD displays, but the cutoff for what I considered reasonably-priced mounts seemed to be 22" or 23", with a weight limit well below what my 25" monitors weigh. But that was 3 years ago and things may have changed.

Check out this category at NewEgg - Monitor Accessories and you may find something that works for you.
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Best answer: Ergotron LX mounts are the monitor arms I love. But Ergotron's mount finder does not recommend them for either the 24" Cinema Display, nor the even heavier 27" imac. They do recommend the Ergotron MX mounts.

I don't care for the MX mounts as desk mounts because I don't think they raise the monitor high enough. With a variety of 24in monitors, they raise them no higher than the best of the normal desk stands (that being the Dell Ultrasharp stands).
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