Can you find this watch?
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Can you find the watch that matches this bracelet? The watch and matching bracelet was the first present i ever bought my wife, and she lost the watch the other day. She is distraught and i would love to surprise her with a replacement.

This is a very long shot i know, but I need to buy the watch that matches this bracelet. (another pic) It was bought as a set, the watch strap is very similar to the bracelet linked here. Other clues are:

The watch face was a rose, mother of pearl colour.
The watch body was the same metal as the strap.
The watch body was rectangular.
I have a vague feeling the brand is Rotary, but cannot see it online.

Thanks in advance everyone.
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Where did you buy it?
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In a jewellery store called Ernest Jones. They are based in the UK and Ireland. I checked their website and can see nothing similar. I dropped their customer support an email but no answer in the last week.
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Have you tried searching Ebay for Ernest Jones watches? EJ change the stock quite regularly but a lot of it ends up on Ebay.
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When did you buy it? That's going to be helpful information for people searching.
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thanks ellieBOA, good suggestion, but a search for "ernest jones watch" returns zero results on, or .ie.
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actually, searching for "ladies rotary watch" provides 18 pages of promising looking results on ebay, so fingers crossed i'll spot the one ... trawling through them now...
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Have you tried sending a query and your pics to Rotary Watch's "Contact Us" address? There were some similar watches on that were called "Celtic." By the way, the term of art is "Bracelet Set" and since they are sold together, you may wind up with a second bracelet.
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good tip carmicha,thanks, will drop them a line also...
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Searching for "ernest jones watch" isn't likely to show you your wife's watch, as Ernest Jones is less of a brand and more of a store who sell other jewellery brands (although they do sell some own-branded goods.)

I would do a new Ebay search, not limited to any keywords, but using the jewellery category, then selecting watches, then women's watches, and then limiting the search to the correct materials of the watch, if you bought it a while ago, you can just search for 'used'/'as new' rather than new.

On preview, limit the search to brand: rotary.
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hmm, no luck on ebay, hopefully rotary can help out direct. Any other ideas gratefully accepted...
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Update here; rotary were very helpful in identifying the model of the actual watch, but unfortunately neither they or the supplier ernest jones have it in stock anywhere in the world. I might have to admit defeat on this one. Best answer to carmicha as this yielded the most promising line of enquiry. Thanks everyone...
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It's definitely worth doing a saved search on Ebay now you have the model of the watch, you'll receive an email every time a product matching your search terms is added to the site, slower way of doing it but better than nothing?

Another avenue might be posting a wanted ad.
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