Live Mail and Verizon Broadband
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Dell Laptop with Verizon Broadband Card - Live Mail issue. Help please.

My husband has a Dell Laptop with Windows 7 that he uses a Verizon Broadband Card to connect to the internet with. He uses Live Mail (Hotmail) to send emails. The problem we are having is after he connects to the Verizon Broadband the connection goes "dormant" after approximately 6 minutes and when he tries to use his Live Mail it gives him a error message:

Unable to send or receive messages to the Hotmail (perrypemberton) account
Server Error 0x80048848 Server ""
Windows Live Mail Error 0x80048848

I went to Windows website to problem solve this error message and done steps recommended there (update Windows Live Essentials, disabled Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender) but none of these helped.

He has to disconnect and reconnect to the Broadband and then open Live Mail to be able to Send/Receive emails.

Is there any settings in Windows or Live Mail I can change to fix this problem? Since it is probably a Broadband issue who would I contact Dell or Verizon? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Well, maybe the dormant on the Broadband isn't the problem because it just seems after the hotmail is closed and reopened is when the error message shows. Dell helped me with the email settings for Broadband in August 2010 but if I have to call them again they will charge me a fee to adjust the settings on Live Mail for the broadband card.
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Are you using a Verizon connection manager to connect to broadband? I don't have a laptop in front of me currently with it, but I remember removing the Verizon stuff in favor of letting Windows manage the session (works very similarly to wifi).

That being said, are you also in range of and connecting to wifi access points? If so you may want to disable those connections to rule out accidental switching to different networks/ips. You can also set the adapter order in Windows 7 by tapping the alt key when viewing the adapters and selecting Advanced/Advanced Settings
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We do connect using the Verizon Connection Manager, no we don't use the wifi access points, I have only used wifi once in a hotel and it was a chore to get it to connect using the signal that was there.
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Here's a few questions I can think of off the top of my head:

Have you looked at the computer's event manager for any related errors pertaining to network connections?

Does this happen in other locations besides your primary location?

Have you looked at your adapter's properties to see if power management is enabled?
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