Recommend bluetooth headsets for my android
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Please recommend a bluetooth headset for my samsung android.

I bought a plantronics headset yesterday and after I got it set up, I discovered one app (MyHeadset) touted on the packaging is not available in the Android market on the droid (and when I use the web I click through 3-4 security warnings and then it crashes my phone), and the other costs $25/year (that fact not mentioned on the packaging touting the features). So I'm taking it back. What should I get instead?

I want to be able to talk while taking notes, listen to streaming radio, and not constantly have my fat-little-cheeks accidentally pushing buttons while I'm talking. Also having more than 5 hours of talk time per headset charge would be nice. I will use it mostly inside, and think voice commands would be super-spiffy (so I can use it while doing messy or busy things with my hands like grouting or cooking or knitting or gluing stuff to other stuff). I also have smallish ear canals, so headsets that come with different-sized inserts would be great!

I got sucked into the plantronics headset because I thought I could verbally twitter and facebook and email while on an epic roadtrip and terrorize my minions far more in the future. This is not a requirement, just a whim, but it's not a whim worth $20 more than the next model and $25/year.

So, please advise. What should I get? (I have read the previous related AskMes, but I'm hoping there's something newer and super-cool that I don't know about...)
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The app isn't really necessary to use any of the headset's core functionality.

The MyHeadset App is indeed available on the Android Market, so I'm not sure what's going on with your phone that you can't find it. According to people I know who have used it, it's fairly useless, so you're not missing out on much. Most bluetooth-y things are already built into the Android OS, so you shouldn't need an app to use your headset.

If you want to listen to music or podcasts you'll need to have a headset that supports A2DP. Again, no app will be needed to do this on an Android Phone, and just about any Bluetooth headset should work for you.
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I can see it when I go to the web version of the the android market, but not in the market app itself. It's not the first time I've had to go to the web version, but it is the first time it has crashed my phone each of the five times I've tried to install an app from the web version of market.

But knowing the apps are not necessary for streaming (or anything other than being able to say "answer" and not have to use my hands to answer and to post stupid things on twitter when I'm off looking a giant concrete prairie dogs) is good to know. I could conceivably buy the plantronics headset that cost $20-25 less than this one and have the same experience, then. I probably won't because I am annoyed at them, but I could.

Can you tell this is the first bluetooth headset I've bought? My old one was a gift, and I just pressed a button to talk. Argh.

Maybe I should just downgrade what I want to a reliable not-expensive blue-tooth headset with no fancy features, just the ability to not make my conversations sound like "Yes, I have that file *beeep* right here *beep*. It's in the *beep* .... you want *beeeep* that in *beeep*"
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I like my Samsung WEP870 (search around, you can find it cheaper, it was $25 when I bought it). It works as a basic in-ear unit, or you can plug it into the included headset to get stereo A2DP. I almost never actually use my phone as a phone, so I can't speak to the usefulness when auto-answering calls or doing voice commands. I simply use it as a stereo headset when walking around listening to podcasts.
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I purchased a Motorola HX550 about 2 months ago, and it is awesome. I am not a Motorola fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this headset got such good reviews, I had to bite. I am not in the least disappointed. Please read the info and reviews (a video review is included) on the linked Amazon page. I use mine with an iPhone, but there are reviews from Android users as well. The device is full of features and is a snap to set up and use.
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I ended up going with the Motorola, even though it was more expensive. I really really like it so far, and I'm so glad I asked. I liked the WEP870 I test-drove too, but the features of the Motorola are really working for me.

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