Please help me stop my blankets from shedding like a golden retriever.
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How do I keep my blankets from shedding lint all over the place? (Alternatively, please help me find blankets that do not shed.)

I like very soft, fuzzy blankets (think Snuggie-type fabric). I dislike that they shed lint all over the couch and all over my clothes. Literally, I have devoted hours to plucking lint off these stupid things.

What am I doing wrong? It seems to get worse after I wash them, so I figure there must be a special method to washing them that I'm unaware of. Fabric softener? Line dry, not dryer? Some magical detergent that gets rid of lint? Use a lint roller on the entire blanket after every use? There has to be something I can do!

As an alternative, can anybody recommend soft, fuzzy blankets that don't shed?
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Fuzzy acrylic does that. I don't think you can stop them.

I prefer microplush (Target has my favorite), which is basically like someone made a blanket out of teddy bears.

I am seeing words like Microtec and Micromink as I look around for other examples.
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I have this blanket from L.L.Bean and love it. I've had no lint problems and it is super soft.
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I have a Royal Sateen plush blanket that I got at Costco and you can pry it out of my warm dead hands. I've never had any lint problems with it. I have a robe made of similar material that also doesn't seem to shed any lint. I think Lyn Never is right that you should be looking for microplush; I've seen similar blankets to mine at Target. Unlike fleece, plush is "furry," with a noticeable pile.

Also, when you're washing the blankets you already own, is it possible that the lint trap in your dryer gets filled up partway through the drying cycle so it's not removing all of the lint it could be getting?
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Try some of the nice sherpa blankets that are available now. They're usually sherpa on one side (typically on the underside) and another layer of nice velveteen-like fabric on the other. I've been using them for quite a while now and in addition to being attractive and very warm, I've had no problems with any pilling or lint whatsoever. Here's an example:
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