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Recommend me a physical blocker sunblock that I can buy in Canada.

I recently went to a dermatologist for a mole check and though everything was fine, he suggested that I use a physical blocker sunblock on my face instead of just using the sunscreen in my daily moisturizer. (A physical blocker contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and apparently blocks sun much better than a sunscreen.)

I'd like to find a physical blocker that I can buy in store in Canada, but a quick check of Shoppers and other drug stores didn't turn up any that I could see. If I can't find it in Canada, I can buy online (as long as they ship here) or buy across the border in the States, though it would be more convenient to have a Canadian source so I could just pick it up whenever I need it. I would also like it to cost about $15-20 or less. (My dermatologist sold physical blockers at his office, but they were $37 -- ugh.)
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Can you find Burt's Bees sunscreen at Shoppers? It's got all that old-school greasy titanium dioxide goodness.
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My current favorite is Blue Lizard sensitive formula. Looks like this company will ship to Canada.
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Lise Watier makes a really, really good one. Significantly more expensive than you're looking for, but it also works great as a makeup primer, if that's something you use.
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I like Ombrelle (L'Oreal). It's sold at Shoppers Drug Mart and some grocery stores in Canada. I'm not sure if all strengths have titanium dioxide so read the label.
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