Where to go, how to get there?
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Looks like I can get away for the weekend of July 4th, and I'd really like to get away. Vegas is too much ($1400 roundtrip, from Kansas City), so I was looking into vacation rentals. I'd like to drive if possible as airfare at this point looks atrocious. Any ideas for the best way to find a vacation house/condo somewhere? I tried Craigslist, which only was "Ok" as far as vacation rentals went. I'm looking in the Colorado region.

Any other suggestions (besides Branson or the Ozarks) would be appreciated. Basically I'd love to take a lot of friends down and crash somewhere in some scenic area. Cook out, enjoy mountain air, do some golfing or outdoors stuff. I have absolutely no experience doing things like this, as I've always been fortunate enough to know people who've had vacation homes. I'm willing to accept "it's not going to happen on this short of a notice".
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Estes Park is nearish . . . Boulder? It's been a good five years since I was there but I remember it was gorgeous.
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I've been to Estes Park and didn't like it. I enjoyed Winter Park/Fraser Valley -- never been to Aspen or Vail.

I guess my question is more of where, if any place, can I get a break down of price, bedrooms, availability. Searching for "vacation rentals" produces pure crap on google. Even when I find rentals I like I have to call for price, which I can see will waste several hours of my time trying to get the hard sell salesman off my ass. Is there a good site to Expedia/Orbitz this?
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Um, I just checked Travelocity.com, and there is a Northwest flight from Kansas City to Las Vegas for $339 USD incl. all fees and taxes, leaving July 1st and returning July 4th.
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Awesome! I did Expedia and Midwest Express, the latter which is always reasonably priced and kept getting absurd prices. Thanks.
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Um....unless this is too obvious...

Both Orbitz and Travelocity have "Last Minute Deals" sections that you might want to check out.
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