Fighting the good fight in PDX
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Need a good marriage counselor in the Portland area!

The question right before this reminded me I have been meaning to ask this for a while. We've been married 13 years, one kid, no major problems, we just need to learn how to fight productively and respectfully (we don't fight often at all, maybe once or twice a year, but they never really help resolve anything, it feels like we have the same fight over and over). Particularly because there are bound to be differences in parenting decisions as we enter the toddler years.

We are in Scappoose, so anywhere west of the Willamette would be better than eastside. I don't think there are many Columbia County mefites (maybe I am the only one?) so finding someone in Scappoose is probably a pipe dream.

If you have or know of an awesome couples therapist, post it here or memail me if you don't feel comfortable with commenting publicly.

Many thanks!!
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I personally really hit it off with Norene Gonsiewski at the Portland Relationship Center. Warm, friendly, and smart; she's been at it a long time. Unfortunately she's in SE.
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