AA or AAA laser pointer recommendations for cats?
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Recommendations for AAA (or AA) powered laser pointers that I can use to play with my cat?

I'd like to get a laser pointer to play with my cat that will use AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. Any recommendations? Do I need to keep it below a certain output for safety, or can any dot be safely looked at with kitty eyes?
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It's a bit awkward but you can't beat the price and I use rechargeable batteries in it. From Ebay.
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Never, ever, never, ever shine a laser pointer into the eye of anything.

The dot can be looked at just fine, that's the point, but the laser can't be pointed at the eye ever.

Lots of ones run by AAA batteries. Not seeing any AA. amazon link
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Unsure of the batteries used for this one but the price is right and battery length is LONG.
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Most of the commonly-available pen-type pointers will use AAA batteries, and the cheapest pointers will be low-power 5 mW red ones that will be entirely sufficient for your use. You shouldn't have to spend more than $5-$10.
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Nthing DON'T look directly at it, or target the kitty's eyes! It's OK to look at the spot. Even with the less-than-5mw lasers, pointing into the eye can result in damage. Both my scrats simply lurve Spot!
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Response by poster: Just to head off any more scoldings...

Yes, I know neither kitty nor man is supposed to look into the laser, I was concerned about the dot being too bright.
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Do I need to keep it below a certain output for safety...

They make dedicated laser pointers for cat play. You can get them in any well-stocked pet department or store. They seem to be noticeably less bright than your normal presentation laser pointer.

They don't normally use AAA or AA batteries, though. The ones I've had used a stack of small button/watch batteries
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N-thing that even "low power" laser pointers can be extremely dangerous. There was a report recently, that these supposedly safe lasers are actually much more concentrated and higher power than they claim. Shining a laser directly into anyone's eye (or looking into one) can lead to permanent blindness. I would not risk my cat's eyesight for this.
Use a small LED torch instead.
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I had one of these - it's green, shaped like a cricket, and takes double AA batteries. I believe it was called "the cricket," but I have looked online and been unable to find it. I know I bought mine at a pet store, though.

However, I stopped using it in favor of a smaller one that is shaped like a mouse - reason being that once my cat figured out that the long object in my hand was the source of that darned dot, he stopped going for the dot and wanted to attack my hand! (Also, the ones that take batteries are heavier to hold.)
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I have this one from ThinkGeek and my cat goes crazy over it! You can move the laser manually or put it on auto and watch it dart around realistically, sometimes slowing down or even staying in one spot for a second before moving again. It takes AAs.
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