Dear Canada, Dress Me!
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Canadian-filter: I'm a petite American woman, of French Canadian extraction by some small percentage. The last few times I went to French Canada, especially Quebec, I saw several women of exactly my size and shape (5'3," roughly 105 lbs.) Thus encouraged I found and purchased a lovely xs leather jacket--something I'd been looking for in the States for several years--without much effort! (I've also purchased Canadian shoes and boots several times, and have noted that unlike their American counterparts [and despite similar climactic conditions in much of the States], they are often lined--and not just with little wisps of rayon!) A similarly longstanding quest is purchasing flannel long-sleeved pajamas, or other kinds of sleepwear meant to keep one warm, but still be, you know, faintly cute. Although they do occasionally turn up in xs here (I have an oversized pair from Land's End; Gap has been advertising a pair recently in petite extra small), they inevitably swim on me, and the Gap pair are made out of embarrassingly thin flannel. Where could I mail order pajamas that fit from Canada? For that matter, where could I mail order petite small/xs/size 0 clothing from Canada in general?

Names of Websites, shops, clothing lines are all appreciated. So are phone numbers, shipping tips (and how to avoid exorbitant fees!), whatever you've got. I read French, but speak/write it quite haltingly at this point, so English is probably preferred. (Unless you've got a really, really good tip of course.)

I'm also interested in anything you've got to say about differences between Canadian and American clothing (and even differences between French- and English-speaking Canadian wares, if that applies). My exposure to Canadian fashion is slight, but I'd expect it would have one or several distinguishing characteristics from what I'm used to here in America.

Thank you!
Merci Beaucoup!
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What about Reitmans?

La Senza is a Canadian lingerie/sleepwear chain that seems to have xs/petite sizes:

La Vie en Rose also sells sleepwear
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I am wearing flannel pajamas from La Senza at this very moment! They are long-sleeved and leopard print and have some lace trim and black satin bows, and the flannel is reasonably substantial (I am actually too warm!). A size S is comfortably snug on my size 6 frame, but they definitely do come smaller.
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I was just thinking tonight that I need to replace my pajama pants. I love, love love the ones at Jacob. I am 5'4 and 130-ish lbs and usually wear a medium, which are slightly baggy on me. They have a drawstring, which helps. Cotton, though, not flannel.
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I am about the same size as you, just one inch shorter. Simon's, especially their house brand Twik, would be my top recommendation but they don't ship to the US.

There are two places I like that do ship to the US, though - Roots and MEC. MEC is a little sporty but they have jackets and long underwear and these merino t-shirts that would make great pajamas - they're cosy and soft and the XS fits me well. (My MEC pants come from the kid's section, though.) Roots does generally high-quality warm clothes - the only pajamas they have now are these, haha, but I think I have seen normal flannel pajamas there in the past. Loose-styled tops there tend to be a bit big on me, but pants and the more structured tops are good.
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Oh, I'm sorry. Jacob only ships within Canada.
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I also find clothes from Canadian stores to fit better than those from US stores - except, European brands with stores in the US like Esprit, Mexx, even cheap places like Zara and H&M. The availability of the former two seems much higher in Canada.

As for French vs. English, Montrealers are the best dressed people in North America. (Oh, let's continue with this - Vancouver is into workout clothes and fleece, the Prairies are usually concerned about keeping warm, Ottawa dresses boring (pant suits), Toronto has a huge range from super-stylish to non-ironic mullets, the Atlantic provinces are usually concerned about keeping dry). Outside of Montreal and Quebec City, Quebecers (Quebecois? but I mean either French or English speaking) probably don't dress that different from people from Ontario.

Anyway, my favourite line of Canadian clothes is Lole (that's spelled with an umlaut over the e but I don't know how to do that). Apparently it's available on Amazon and at REI. I find their jackets especially to be cut to fit a smaller frame.

For flannel pjs, La Senza is pretty good but a little Victoria Secret, MEC is great but I don't think they have pajamas. Maybe check out The Bay (though I didn't see anything)?
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not specific to pajamas, but check out (yes, two 's') -- they're based in montreal, but ship outside canada. It's not on the cheaper end of things, but they certainly have plenty of clothing for trim women like yourself.
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