What are alternative search programs for a website?
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I am investigating search programs for a website. Which have you installed and/or used?

There are about 13000 documents to be indexed on this site, some PDF and .doc but mainly HTML. Currently the site uses htdig, but I want to investigate 'better' alternatives. It has to run on Linux.

I am aware of htdig, phpdig and swish-e, but I would like you to share your experiences of them
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Why not just let Google do it?

Here's how to add a search box from Googs that will return results for only your site. Google understands PDFs and DOCs, too.

Seems to be a lot easier than doing it yourself.
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Response by poster: unixrat: The site in question is not indexed in full by Google, which is specifically why I requested an installable application. Futhermore, I do not believe that is an acceptable solution for a business website.

blag: Have you used perfect?
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If it's a business site, I was happy with Atomz Search when I used it a couple of years ago for a site.

I've been meaning to have a look at PhpDig for a while now. It is, apparently, pretty good at what it does, but I'm afraid I can't yet be anymore helpful than that.
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I've used Fluid Dynamics Search Engine (FDSE); it's pretty good. Written in Perl, shareware, reasonably-priced for registration, the creator seems to respond to questions pretty promptly: http://www.xav.com/scripts/search/
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ajbattrick: yes, on a couple of sites. I looked at swish-e but the setup instructions were confusing. perlfect has an automated script that does everything for you. Very customisable.
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