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Help me get java going on my dad's computer

My dad needs to use a program through a federal website to download data for a new job he has. Problem is, the website requires a java plugin and it's not working on his computer. He's tried multiple times to install the plugin and it's still complaining when he tries to load the site.

We need to know a) how to check if java is properly installed, b) how to check if java is running, c) any ideas for things to try to get java in order to get access into this site.

He has windows vista and the newest version of internet explorer. Oh, and he also has dial-up internet, which makes this whole process of installing and reinstalling excruciatingly slow. Help?
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oh, also, I tried it on my computer and the website works.
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Go here.


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If you've done this and it hasn't worked, try downloading Firefox and seeing if that will allow him to view Java stuff.
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yeah, we've tried downloading it off the java website. haven't tried firefox or chrome-- which is a better bet?
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What's the difference between your computer and your father's?
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What's the difference between your computer and your father's?

well, I have windows xp and use chrome as a browser. But apparently he tried it at the library using internet explorer and it worked and I've checked the site to make sure it's compatible with his browser and os and it should be as listed on the specifications page.

What I've done so far: reinstalled java, enabled java in internet explorer, enabled internet explorer in java control panel. I did a check through the java site to see if it was working and it doesn't seem to be according to that check, although it appears in the computer's control panel and seems to be working normally.

Okay, I geuss I'll install firefox or chrome and see if that works. I've just been putting it off because it'll take about five hours over this connection.
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A flash drive with Java/Firefox/Chrome installers you bring with you should solve the slow connection problem, or is there some reason why that's not a possibility?
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