Resources for amateur filmmakers?
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Resources for student or amateur filmmakers. I'm updating [my film site] to list useful resources or little known tips such as DIY equipment, free music scoring, free software, how to articles, etc. What can you recommend that is helpful?

Example for music:
The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program offers scores to the productions of student filmmakers. Not only is the great for avoiding licensed music but it is also free.
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I'm too lazy to see if you already have the $14 steadicam.
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[removed your URL so the question wasn't totally self-promotional]
posted by mathowie at 8:46 PM on June 26, 2005 for selling DVDs online for those that know how to make movies but not how to sell them online?
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Best answer: The Internet Archive has tons of free stock footage.

2-pop is an excellent source of info on digital video.

For how-to stuff on writing, there are a ton of screenwriting blogs, but I think the most useful (and one of the oldest) is Wordplayer, which is run by the screenwriters of Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean. Other worthy screenwriting blogs include John August, The Artful Writer, Kung Fu Monkey, Complications Ensue, and (SELF LINK) The Blank Page.
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