I still don't want to be Mark Zuckerberg's friend
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I've just noticed that Facebook is geotagging status updates. How the hell do I turn it off?

I just noticed this under a recent FB post:

Like · Comment · Share · December 16 at 6:43am near [LOCATION]

I don't object when it says what device I was using (TweetDeck, Facebook for iPhone, etc.) but I don't want it posting my location when I'm on via the web. Is there anyway to turn this off? I've dug through the security and account settings and (surprise surprise!) can't figure it out.
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While you are posting your status, the location should be visible below (grayed). Just delete the location before you post. ANd I think you can edit them later to delete.
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Response by poster: While you are posting your status, the location should be visible below (grayed).

Nope, it's not.
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None of my updates are geotagged, so it can be turned off. But I'll be dammed if I can find the setting. Is it maybe only accessible from Facebook Mobile?
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If you're on an iPhone you can turn it off by going to settings - location services.
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I don't know how to do this through the phone app, but I know in your browser when you go to make a status update, there will a little GoogleMap-esque locator thing down by where you also select who gets to see your post. Delete that. I know that any further posts from a browser won't have your location.
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Yup, on your iPhone, go to Settings, then Locations Services, then turn "Off" Facebook. You don't set this through Facebook, but the phone. You'll still be able to enable locations in specific updates, if you want.
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You can also turn off the geotagging feature under Privacy>How Tags Work>Friends can check you into places using the mobile app.

This at least makes it so FB friends can't check you in, and once I turned that capability off I haven't seen any geotagged posts since.
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