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Are there "basic college degree-holder" level jobs that DON'T involve constant sitting? I have 2.5 years of job experience in graphic design, but it turns out I really don't enjoy it, and more importantly I'm not actually all that good at it. I'm also the unhealthiest I've ever been in my life.

Also, between the security concerns and my embarrassment at the quality of my work, I don't have a lot to show for it. But it's my only real job skill, so it's either that or something generic. So what's a more active version of a secretary or something, for someone of good basic intelligence but not much field-specific experience, who can keep flyers and things from looking embarrassing but doesn't want to do it all day (and has pretty good drawing skills - not that anyone wants them and I don't need them to be part of the job, but they're there)? Something less sedentary and isolating than sitting in an office all the time, and more... real-jobby... than waiting tables? Is this being too picky these days?
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Network news, most below-the-line jobs in film and TV, sales, real estate, food service (not just waiting tables), relocation services, professional organizing, retail display artist--there's tons of jobs that aren't sedentary.
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In any good sized media company, there's a Traffic department that runs around a lot coordinating stuff between other departments (copy, art, production, etc.).

Any kind of retail sales.

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Elementary teacher at a private school. Often has no cert requirements beyond basic first aid. Keeps you on your feet. Your room decorations will be awesome.

Vast amounts of patience and consistency in the face of chaos required.
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Lab technicians spend a lot of time moving around, usually. When I was a tech 10 yrs ago in MA, a BS was all that was required to qualify, along with having taken some science courses in there in somewhere (eg my bench partner had a BA in Art History, but had taken biology and chemistry as part of her core requirements and/or electives). YMMV these days.... Aerotek (staffing agency) is one way I know of to get into this sort of thing....
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Stores employ people to build displays. Graphic sense is a big asset. I work in a grocery store and we have a couple of people who spend a good deal of their time assembling signs, props and merchandise and then building eye catching displays.
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Buy a standing desk?
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Elementary teacher at a private school

Or teaching English, abroad.
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Some large libraries need design people and hire specifically for it. Physical design as well as graphics.
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Warehouse order picker! I lost twenty pounds in two months just by pushing a wonky cart for eight hours a day with steel toed boots on.

I could also physically feel my brain melting away from under-use, though.
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Working in a hospital. Emergency room tech (A 1 semester long EMT training class qualified my friend for that), unit assistant (not sure of that exact title), something like that. Also, working as a staff member in a psych hospital will definitely get you moving (sometimes more than you want) and you have to be in shape to restrain patients or lift them.
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Go join the Coast Guard and rescue people for a living.
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You could do office assistant work at an architecture firm. They need people who can do basic and not so basic word processing, but who can create documents that look good - who can use photoshop, illustrator - that sort of thing. People with office skills and a good design sense.
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Military officer.
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Trader Joe's. Store Management jobs pay well, you're on your feet all day, still have to think and strategize.
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