Help identify a story reading from NPR.
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A few years ago, I heard a reading on the radio of a writers account of her correspondence with a group of teens that would invade her house while she was away. I believe it was on NPR.

It started with the writer returning home to find her house broken into and in disarray, but with nothing taken except some food. The police could do nothing, so she started writing letters to her "guests" asking them to at least tidy up after their parties. The letter continued back and forth with requests from both sides whenever the writer would go away for work. As I recall, it concluded when it was announced one of the guests was accepted to Harvard.

Does anyone know who the author and/or orrator of this piece was and where I could obtain a copy of the story or reading?
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I'm pretty sure it's a This American Life story. Sorry I can't help more.
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He's right - I heard it on the radio, and remember that it was TAL.
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As far as writing notes to people that visit a home, this TAL one about "Borrowers" seems similar. Not teens though, but imaginary people. If you remember any keywords, try doing this search in google: " keyword keyword keyword". I've already tried most of the obvious ones from the post; do you remember a song that it could be?
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I remember hearing this story and I'm 100% sure it was TAL but I searched and searched the website using all sorts of keywords and couldn't find it. Maybe you can come up with better keywords.
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I think it was on Selected Shorts!
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