what's that number?
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What's this number?

I'll make it easy. The first digits are 080652937

I'm stuck on the last two. I'm thinking 96 due to the white spaces. Thoughts?
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96/56 98/58
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oh wait, i just realized instead of a 9 it might be a 3
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Response by poster: I'm thinking not a 3 due to the curve above the white space
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I meant:

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0606, then a 5 or a 3, 29379 and then either nothing, an 8 or a 3.
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I had some ideas but I think they're just stabs in the dark. A more accurate way of doing this would be to figure out what font it's in and superimpose one over the other in PhotoShop, PaintShop, etc, with a layer difference. Some problems with this approach are, of course, the artifacts (diagonal banding, shading, and monochrome dithering), which you'd have to try recreating, and especially the lack of context (what font it is, what's causing the banding, etc).
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06065293756 is my guess, with the suspect numbers being complete intuition on first glance.
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There was a post just a little while ago I saw about decifering a license plate using mathmatica.com or something like that.. ah, yes.. here it is..

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Looking at the spacing, I don't think that's part of a final digit at the far right. If there is a digit after that 9, it's completely occluded by the black.
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I'm gonna say "95" are the last two digits. At first I was thinking "6" as the last digit but based on the font, it looks like the top of the 6's would curve downward slightly, while the top of the 5's would end with a horizontal "arm" to the right.

What's the story behind this picture, if I may ask?
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Response by poster: It's the audit number from my old Texas license. I scanned my license into evernote, but converted it to B&W in order to get character recognition. I need my texas driving record, and the state is an absolute pain to get records from. If I can deduce the audit #, I can do it online, instead of mailing something in and waiting 2 weeks.
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I'd expect there's a checksum in there somehow, but I have no idea what scheme they might be using. If so, and if you can find the scheme, you can likely figure out what the last digit has to be.
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Response by poster: It's '55'! I was helped by noticing that my wife's audit number is relatively proximate.
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