Does anyone make an inexpensive uninterruptible power supply that supports SNMP?
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Does anyone make an inexpensive uninterruptible power supply that supports SNMP?

The most inexpensive model from APC is about $600 as far as I can tell, but I'm wondering if there is one from APC or any other company for significantly less, say under $350? Finding a complete list of models on the APC site that support SNMP is more challenging than it should be.

A "tower" model would actually be preferable to a rack mountable model.
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A basic 350-watt (ie one computer for maybe 10 minutes) runs about $100.

SNMP is mostly used for server farms and the like, where you're going to have 1500 watts or more in the battery.

So the feature you're looking for is unlikely to be on a cheaper, lower-wattage UPS.

Most all of the lower-wattage ones do have a serial port you can plug into your machine. From there, it probably isn't too hard to generate SNMP messages based on signals from the UPS.
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The UPS's from Tripp Lite are pretty inexpensive and have USB ports and free management software called PowerAlert.
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Best answer: You can get a Cyberpower OP850 + snmp capable remote management dongle for about $225 from Newegg. I have no experience with this combo. The dongle will work with an OP650 which would presumedly be cheaper, but Newegg doesn't seem to carry it.

The APC + SNMP cards we use that are around this wattage do cost about $500-600, but they've proven quite reliable.

SNMP is mostly used for server farms? Please leave the networking to those who know it...
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Response by poster: I'm familiar with PowerChute and similar products from other companies, as well as APCUPSD. However I would prefer something less obtrusive and tied into my existing SNMP monitoring server, particularly for smaller network closets that don't have computers in them, but where a $600 UPS is overkill. An APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 would be a good choice except for the lack of SNMP.

The Cyberpower looks promising. Thanks! I will look into that. Other suggestions still welcome, especially if there is an APC that meets these criteria.

I actually am a sysadmin and already have SNMP monitoring at half a dozen locations...
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