Help me pick an international theme Yankee swap gift.
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Help me find a Yankee Swap gift for $20 with an "International" theme.

Every year my cousin holds a themed Yankee swap. We keep it low cost so the limit is $20. Last years theme was As Seen On TV so it was a little easier. Right now I"m sort of stumped as to what I can get for $20 that would fit the "International" theme. Any ideas?
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A German beer stein
posted by carmel at 6:29 AM on December 20, 2011

Gift basket, stocked with foodstuffs from the international aisle at the supermarket? I got one once that was "Thai" themed, with jasmine rice, green curry paste, chopsticks, etc.
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If you grew up in the 80's, how about taking a cue from the movie "Better Off Dead".
French fries, french dressing, and french bread. And to drink, Peru (Perrier).
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Not sure if you have a Cost Plus World Market where you live, but they tend to have exotic, fun foodstuffs from other countries.
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A gift certificate to the International House of Pancakes!
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How about a variety pack of International Coffees?
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A gift certificate to the International House of Pancakes!

OK you are not going to beat that. However, you can put together a cute Basket of British in your budget with Twinings Earl Grey tea and Walker's Shortbread from your supermarket, plus a tea cup and saucer in a basket from the Dollar Store, or actually put the stuff in one of those giant teacups they sometimes have. You can also pick up the little baby pots of jam there (or at some supermarkets) to round it out.
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Response by poster: Wow, great ideas, the French theme and IHOP ideas are exceptionally hilarious as well! Thank you everyone who has answered so far.
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You could make an international booze basket with mini-bottles of liquor (Russian vodka, Irish Whiskey, etc). Here's a list for inspiration.
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I just used this solar powered Queen Elizabeth as a present at my white elephant gift. I was a hit.
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Seconding World Market! (Which I still call Cost Plus. When did that change?) They have dishes and things too, so you could get a bamboo steamer or mini wok and fill it with asian food items. Or a British food basket, with baked beans, spotted dick, and custard.
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