I accept your Contract offer and your General Terms and Conditions
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A system to upload electronic business offers and generals terms & conditions with an electronic acceptance procedure: it must exist, right?

After a few unpleasant experiences with mailed business offers and e-mailed acceptance that didn't make it clear that terms and conditions were accepted ("yeah, okay, start the work" style), I'm looking for an easy way to create a digital trail of acceptance. Like in iTunes, where you have to click "I ACCEPT" every time they update the Terms & Conditions.

Does this exist already? If not, I'll make it myself, because i KNOW this is what the business world needs... ;)
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Best answer: 2nd Echosign, it rocks and is easy to use. Costs are not steep unless running a sales team that can't manage basic crm.
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Tell me a little bit more about your use case. Would you be using this for contract negotiation where you'd need change tracking, or is it just

- upload document
- send link to customer
- they click-to-accept
- you both get emails that that happened
- you can login and see their acceptance history

If that's it it looks like EchoSign would work for you, but it also might be somewhat overkill.
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Response by poster: EchoSign it is. One caveat for people wanting to switch to it. If you're sending out an offer, it comes across as a bit aggressive. We implemented a two step process where at first we just send the offer by mail. When customers tell us they accept, we send them the EchoSign for signature.

If any EchoSign devs happen upon this post: it would help if the mail that gets sent out to prospects is more adaptable. Now it's very "EchoSign". It would be preferable if you can send a simple mail saying: here's the offer, should you want to sign, just follow the link and sign. As it is, it can come across as pushy.
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