Looking for a non-shady beginner's acting class in L.A.
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Can you recommend a good (and relatively inexpensive) beginning acting class or workshop in L.A.? (I know.)

I'm considering making my boyfriend's Christmas gift enrollment in an acting class or workshop for the both of us. It's something he's expressed interest in (for the fun of it) and I enjoyed theater in high school and college. However, since he is very much a beginner and I don't have unlimited funds, I'd like the class to be of short duration and under $100/person. Unfortunately (and I can't believe I'm back here to ask about another Christmas present for my boyfriend--I promise, I am gangbusters on my own for his birthday) I just don't know where to even start looking for these.

Looking for something geared toward the beginner that would, ideally, use recognizable dramatic texts (and not just selections from 100 Monologues for Kids or something) and be more focused on "the craft" than how to prepare a sellable audition piece for national commercials.

You'd think that as a native Angeleno (who's even acted before!) I'd have some sort of knowledge about this--but all I know is that I should be aware of shady, slimy, overly-industry things that are more of a paid upsell to the full agent/headshot package. And I don't even know which those are! So any help would be appreciated.
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I don't have a specific recommendation, but keep in mind "acting class" is really a set of different type of classes. There are:

1) Theatre/stage acting classes, which sounds like it might be up your alley.
2) On-camera acting classes, which is a very different kind of acting and might be a little too "industry."
3) Improv classes. Improv is not acting. They will try to sell you that it is, but it's only tangentially related, since acting is about preparation.

What about LACC or SMC? Their classes will be under $100 or close to it, not too "industry," and they often have surprisingly excellent instructors.
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While I'm not in the area, I second the recommendation for community college classes. They will definitely be inexpensive, taught by an expert, and completely non-shady.
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