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I'd like to get serious about organizing my own video clips and project assets, but can't find a good digital asset manager to do it.

I do smallish video projects with some recurring footage, sound and graphic assets. I work with AE and Premiere Pro, and love the CS integration with Photoshop and Audition. Up to now I've managed with iPhoto for organizing video clips (it allows drag and drop straight into Premiere, sets, key-wording and preview) and use OSX folders for anything else. This is getting unruly and I'd like to put some time and money into a more convenient and secure system.

Ultimately, what I'd like is a Lightroom style app for video, and hopefully for sound and other assets: What I like in Lightroom is the cataloguing, versioning, metadata and virtual copies of Lightroom, as well as the handy import/export functions. If the app can read project files and the metadata therein, so much the better, but my experience is so limited I can't imagine half of the useful stuff a proper application probably does.

I've considered Adobe Bridge, but it's butt ugly, clumsy and geared towards photography. It's possible that Lightroom 4 will provide useful video support, but that's still some time away. I just now found Sorenson Squeeze 8 and will check it out tomorrow morning, but in the meantime perhaps you have some recommendations?
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Best answer: Check out CatDV.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip. I ended up emailing them for a less limited demo version.
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