Why hayfever is cured when drunk
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Why is it that when you have a cold or hayfever, it is temporarily cured while you are either drunk or asleep?
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The underlying causes are not cured, but you'll notice the symptoms less if you're intoxicated or unconscious.
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I notice the symptoms way more in those situations.
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I notice the symptoms much less. So I just drink more, works better than my Allegra-D.
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more for me too when drinking, and lying down to sleep usually bothers me when i'm all congested.
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Not only does drinking make you notice the symptoms less and/or not care about them, but alcohol dilates the blood vessels in your nasal mucosa, making any secretions more watery. Your nose may run a bit more, but it won't be as clogged up. The same thing goes for your lungs. The fact that watery secretions are easier for your body to deal with is one reason it is important to stay well-hydrated when sick. Also, alcohol is a bit of a cough suppressant. It depresses all respiratory reflexes as the dose increases, which is why people who are drunk are more prone to aspirate.
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Woohoo, TedW! Great answer! (and I've always wondered this as well, for colds, too.)
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Huh, I've always found myself more bothered by cold symptoms in those situations - particularly when lying down to sleep. I suppose it doesn't help that when I try to go to sleep with a congested nose, I know that I'll wake up pretty much unable to breathe.
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It seems that there are different reactions... When I have a horrible allergy or cold, the only time I can breathe is when I'm asleep, or - often, but not always - drinking.
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alcohol is a histamine, no? I notice that my cat allergy symptoms (runny nose, itching and scratching) are made worse if I drink some types of alcohol (for example, wine). Or is it the sulfites in alcohol that are histamines.

Re coughing - TedW has a good point about cough suppression, matter of fact, many cough suppressing medicines contain alcohol.
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Alcohol is not a histamine, but the sulfites in wines may well be the culprit. This is particularly true of red wines, which contain sulfites naturally.
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It's my understanding that alcohol does dilate the blood vessels, which would end up causing MORE congestion, not less. I've been told by more than one doctor to avoid alcohol when I have a sinus infection, because it causes more congestion. Decongestants shrink your blood vessels, thus promoting more watery mucus... I always feel worse when both drinking and sleeping while I have a cold. And as far as coughing goes, it's much worse when I'm horizontal.
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Breathe Right strips might assist uninterrupted sleep. Really courageous stuffy nose sufferer could wear one to the office or classroom.
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"Breathe Right"-style nasal strips (to avoid privileging one brand-name product over, say, the CVS store brand), while they obviate having to hold my nostrils open with my fingers while I'm awake, according to my girlfriend nasal strips don't help my snoring much, especially not since I've heard I snore more when I have a cold, nor do I sleep any better given all the jabbing, kicking and punching my snoring gets me. (Eventually she'll get up and go to her own room, but sometimes she's sadistic stubborn.) So when I'm very nasally stopped up I put on a nasal strip, guzzle a "NyQuil"-type cold remedy (usually a store brand or generic version), then lock my bedroom door so my Loved One can't get me.
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