Please save my Christmas!
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Long shot: Does anyone know where I can find some OP Anderson Aquavit in Manhattan?

So my usual supplier, the liquor store on 54th and 2nd Avenue, which was awesomely close to my apartment, has apparently stopped carrying OP Anderson Aquavit. Christmas just won't be the same without it!

I've checked a couple of the big liquor stores, like Astor Wines, Sherry Lehman, and Morrell & Co and all they had was the Linie, Aalborg, or Aquavit (White Cranberry) varieties. I have read online that someone bought out OP Anderson, but I'm pretty sure it's still available in Sweden at least, and come on, this is NYC, there MUST be a bottle I can buy somewhere!

Another liquor store nearby (Diplomat on 2nd and 49th) told me they are working on getting some in, but they didn't get any in their shipment on Thursday so he said to try again on Monday, so I don't have high hopes that it will actually happen. I'd like to have it to bring to my mom's place this weekend, but it's not the end of the world if I can still get it next week at some point. Any leads/suggestions for well stocked liquor stores would be much appreciated as well!
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Would you be open to getting it shipped?
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Depends on cost and reliability of the shipper... I've had bad experiences with ordering bottles of liquor/wine and the seller actually not having any in their inventory, and not informing me of this until a few days after the order process was completed. So my preference is definitely for somewhere I can go to physically pick up a bottle myself, but I'd be open to recommendations for reliable online retailers as well.
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Oh man, Christmas without Aquavit would be bad. But you may be out of luck for your preferred brand.
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Forgot to mention that place has a few bottles for order.
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Where do you see that they have bottles? When I go to the only aquavits I see for sale are Aalborg and Linie. And from the comments at the bottom, it seems that OP is still produced and readily available in Sweden. Wonder if any of my relatives are planning a trip over here soon... I'll have to ask around!
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I just called my liquor store lady and she said they haven't seen OP for years. Sounds like no one is importing it anymore.
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