Archiving a LiveJournal Community
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How can a now-defunct LiveJournal community archive its posts & comments?

Not ashamed to say it: I'm talking about iworkatborders, a once-thriving community that has fallen on tough times, given what happened to the employer in question.

There's a fair amount of user demand for creating an archive of posts & comments - but there doesn't seem to be an easy way of doing so within LiveJournal.

Anyone who's dealt with a similar issue is most welcome to comment. We'd be looking for a solution that can work across platforms - i.e., where it's not dependent on where the eventual archive is located.

The archive would not have to be open to comments, although that's fine if it works.

Thoughts? Experiences? Tech-heavy options like LJSM are okay, but we don't have any users who have come forth and said they can do such stuff.
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LJ Book creates a PDF that you can then print and/or save to archive.
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Response by poster: Thanks, floweredfish - I'll take a look.
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I've used both LJ Book and ljarchive. Not sure if there's a solution that would let you host it online.
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ljarchive is not quite fully functional right now and I don't know if they're trying to fix it, or waiting for LJ to change something; it will download entries but not comments (for me, and I haven't tried to archive a community lately).
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