Looking for a reasonably priced exercise bike
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Recommend me a reasonably priced exercise bike

I am looking for a reasonably priced exercise bike. I am not looking for one with fancy options but does the job and lasts long with no or little maintenance. There are just too many options in the store so something that doesn't poke a big hole in my wallet.
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Exercise bikes are pretty common at thrift stores.
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Craigslist, too, has a great selection of bikes people are dying to get rid of for little to no cash.
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Also, if you already have a bike, you could get an inexpensive wind trainer for it. The linked example was the cheapest brand-new one I could find, but they're plentiful used, too. And it's nice that they don't take up a ton of room when you're not using 'em.
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I picked up a decent gym-grade one for not much over $100 from CL. It's working great so far. The key to getting a really good deal seemed to be the ability to pick it up and move it (with a van or pickup truck) on short notice. Lots of people just want to get rid of them.
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I have been keeping an eye on CraigsList for more than 3 months now but not even single appeared in my neighborhood :( I don't have regular bike either. Hence finally I decided to buy a new one.
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Magnetrainer. We have two and love them.
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