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I want to display my images in a calendar view- online.

They could be pulled from facebook, flickr or I'd be happy to upload. https://www.blipfoto.com/ is close but only displays one image at a time, I would LOVE a full screen or close to it simple calendar view with the boxes filled with the image taken on that date. Even A facebook App would be OK with me. Bonus points if it uses the EXIF data to display the image on the correct date. What is out there that I can work with?

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Flickr can do it - check the archives. For example: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/gurno/archives/date-taken/2009/06/calendar/
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A linked example: Click here for the same things as the above.
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Unixrat- coolbeans I had no idea. I imagine that I need to pay to avoid hitting the 200 image limit. Anyone else have other ideas?
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I only stumbled on this service yesterday, so don't know if it would at all be of use, but seems like it could potentially be of interest: timeglider.com
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Shuttercal is worth a look.
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If you're comfortable with PHP and MySQL, you can build the page yourself (self-link, I'm afraid, but the first article I wrote in an ongoing series to do exactly what you are after).
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Flickr is well worth the money. Just think of it as about the same cost as a magazine subscription.
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