Any suggestions on a soft case for my MP3 player?
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I'm looking for a soft case to carry my MP3 player around in. I'm obviously open to any suggestions. No, I don't own an iPod.

I recently bought a Samsung YP-T7 DAP. It's a great little player and I'm really enjoying using it. I'm looking for some sort of soft case to house it in when I'm exercising and/or mobile, though. And I'm really not fixed on one type of case either.
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Sew one yourself? I've done that for mine, like one of those iPod socks, but cheap and the colors I want.
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When I got my iRiver a coworker gave me a cool little drawstring padded pouch that works perfectly. Much later I found out it was meant for protecting a glass pipe she had lost. Crummy little head shops usually (I've heard) have different sizes and colors.
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I just bought one here for my iPod. I like it.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I ended up buying some baby socks from a market near my place. They're just what I wanted. Again, cheers for the answers.
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