Nomad Making Me Mad
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Home Network Filter: I have three DirecTV HR23 receivers that are directly connected to my household internet (each room is wired with RJ45 adapters near the television area). I'm trying to hook up my Nomad device to allow visibility to the receivers and to my wireless devices. The Nomad is supposedly going to allow me to transfer content from my recievers to my iPhone.

If I plug the Nomad into a wired connection, it can see the receivers (but my iPhone can't see the Nomad). If I plug the Nomad into the wireless router, it can't see my receivers (but my iPhone can see the Nomad).

This should be simple, right?
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You're going to need to provide us with more details about the hardware in your home network. In particular, is your wireless router also acting as your internet access router and switch for the ethernet connections to your rooms (or do you have different devices fulfilling those roles)?
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Response by poster: Sorry.

My wireless access point is hard-wired in the office, none of the receivers are connected directly to the wireless access point.
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Do you have a separate internet access router? Do you have a separate switch? How are your other network devices connected? Where does your wireless router reside within the topology of your network? Can you provide us with the make and model numbers of your network equipment? Is your wireless router in bridge mode or router mode?
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Response by poster: The internet comes into the house, and goes into comcast's router, out of the router, it goes into an 8 way switch, the switch is what provides the wired connection for every room in the house. The wireless router receives one of these connections in the office. The wireless router is a Linksys RangePlus WRT-110. It is in router mode. All the computers and phones in the house are connected to the wireless router, the receivers and all set-top boxed get a wired connection.
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Thanks. The problem is that in your network configuration the wireless router in router mode will block the discovery of devices between your Ethernet LAN segment and the wireless LAN segment. Put the Linksys wireless router in bridge mode and connect the router to your switch via one of the Linksys router's numbered ethernet ports, not the port labeled "Internet".
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To put your Linksys RangePlus WRT-110 in bridge mode, go to it's setup page, click on Setup, click on Advanced Routing, and then change the NAT setting to "Disabled"
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

When I disabled NAT in my router, I lost all internet connectivity to my wirelessly connected devices. :(
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Did you move the ethernet connection to the wireless router to one of the numbered ports? NAT is enabled in the Comcast internet access router, right? With NAT disabled in the wireless router, the wireless devices should now get IP addresses assigned via the DHCP server in Comcast internet access router. You might need to reboot them to get them to give up the IP address assigned to them via the now-disabled DHCP server in the wireless router.
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Response by poster: I need to find the login information for the Comcast router and verity the NAT settings on that device.

Thank you... more to come soon :)
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Best answer: Also make sure the DHCP Server Setting in the Linksys router is disabled (basically you want just your Comcast internet access router to provide DHCP and NAT services for your network). The goal is get the Linksys wireless router to act link a bridge, essentially invisible to your network.

If you can't get the Linksys wireless router to act like a bridge, there is an alternative — use the Linksys wireless router as your main router. Configure your Comcast device to act like a modem instead of a router (disable all routing services on the device, including NAT and DHCP), connect the Comcast modem to the internet port on your Linksys wireless router, and enable NAT and DHCP on the Linksys router.
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Best answer: You're over-thinking the Linksys router. Just disable DHCP, connect the ethernet to a LAN port (WAN port empty) now it just acts like a wireless access point, no routing function. All routing is done by your comcast box. (which it should be doing already).
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