Fixing underwater pool liner leaks
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Has anyone ever patched a leak under water in a pool liner in an in-ground pool? The leak in my wonderful, generous, pool sharing, neighbor's pool is about 2 feet under the water level and we don't want to have to drain all that water in the middle of the summer. Can anyone recommend any products or processes that have worked for them?
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Assuming the liner is plastic, you need:
1. A sheet of similar plastic somewhat larger than the leak
2. glue

The glue should be fairly viscous (thick) and not water soluable. It should set in the absence of oxygen and remain strong in the presence of water and common pool chemicals. If your pool store doesn't have what you need, check under "plastics" in your phonebook. You may have a shop in the industrial part of town that specializes in all kinds of plastics and their respective adhesives.

When I helped fix a pool like this, we just drained the water out.
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I've used scotchcal to patch a leak like this. It held up for a very long time. My parents did not have to drain the pool.
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fwiw, i also have a rip in my pool liner just below the water line. i have had four pool contractors out to bid and each of them said it could not be fixed "under-water". they told me to either have them pump water out (read: expensive) or call back when enough water had evaporated.
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Just head over to your friendly Pool Store and ask them for a Vinyl Liner Patch Kit. It is transparent vinyl that you cut into a circle and then put the glue on the vinyl patch, and get it stuck to the liner. Works like a charm, no drainage required.

2 feet below water level should be a cinch, I had to do the floor of my pool, requiring a snorkle and mask :)
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If the pool is not plastic find a good marine supplier and get a bag of underwater cement.
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