Multiple email accounts on igoogle
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Is there any way to setup igoogle (or another web startpage with multiple information widows such as netvibez or pageflakes) so that I can see information for two different email accounts on my startpage?

Note that I want each email account to appear in a separate information window on the screen, showing sender and subject when new emails arrive.

My goal is to use a startpage to montior both my day to day email, as well as emails from a number of professional email lists. I'd like, for example, to be able to have my gmail (which I use for personal email) appear in one information window, and email from hotmail (which I'd like to use for list subscriptions) appear in another.

Sadly, it seems like traditional startpages are in decline, and what I want to do is basically impossible with the web as it exists today--no one is working on widgets or gadgets for them anymore.

If what I want is indeed impossible, then I'd also be interested in more general suggestions about how to mange subscriptions to email lists, preferably using gmail.
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Gmail has support for multiple inboxes - you can send all your mail to gmail and then have the two sets you described shown in two separate inboxes.
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